Of All; Leaf Fall


by William Crisp


Archery season opens here very soon; the official beginning of a glorious hunting season. In my estimation half of the hunters hoped to see a buck, one quarter of the hunters hoped to see a buck or doe and the last quarter hoped to see nothing at all but all of them enjoyed watching the leaves fall. Falling leaves is one of the best parts of autumn even though it is a “darn it both ways” thing. 

I love to see the leaves turn brilliant on the trees; I like to see them fall. Even though they are somewhat annoying when a buck stands behind them, you still miss them when they are all on the ground during the stark greys and skeletal trees of winter.

One of the benefits of sitting in the woods is that, whether you are avoiding seeing deer in order to verify your biases or hoping for one to show up, a hunter is forced to think about the processes around them…I hope. There are so many fascinating things going on in the woods that it takes a lifetime to understand them. To me, one of the most interesting is the biological process that gives us an autumn…a season so important to me that it has been a leading factor in where I would settle down to live since I was a little boy.



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