Opener Warmup


by William Crisp


It is the week before the regular trout opener. If you’re confused about what and where that is there is no excuse to be. It is easy to figure out which opener is “regular.” Just get out a sundial, an abacus, your Chinese lunar cycle calculator and a summary book, then hire a fortune teller to flip some cards, slide the card numbers on the corresponding abacus, use a sexton to read the Chinese lunar cycle; use the summary book to write the formula down and record the results. 

You can also use a few pages to start a warming fire; it gets chilly reading the stars.

My personal favorite opening weekend won’t be until May when I have a bunch of friends into camp. We will target a variety of species of fish on that weekend. My fishing preferences lean towards species that were born in the water I fished them in, were never handled by or dependent on another man, grow large and have teeth.




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