Recycling Center Closed For Several More Weeks

The Cameron County Recycling Center will likely be closed for several more months due to issues with construction of a new building.

Amendment #1 was approved, which grants an extension to the completion date for the Recycling Grant Agreement. A pavilion to be constructed over the recycling center was measured incorrectly, causing delays in receiving necessary building materials and various new baler machines along with other equipment. The extension, and subsequent work required to make the measurements right, will be done at no cost to the county. Solveson Contracting was awarded the job last year at a cost of $64,575, with an initial completion date at the end of April. Work must now be completed by July 14.

The recycling center will remain closed throughout construction for the safety of workers and residents dropping off recycling. Recycling is still being accepted, and should be taken to the dumpsters located behind the Emporium Borough Maintenance Shed on East Second Street in Emporium, located across from the ambulance shed.


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