Restless Souls

by William Crisp

“Mother, mother ocean; I can hear your call. I’ve been wanting to sail your waves since I was three feet tall.” Jimmy Buffett.
My wife and I are restless souls; we’ve been looking for a home or at least a great vacation spot since we’ve met. In general she likes flat lands and I like mountains. While I think I am the most comfortable on a rattlesnake ridge over a wild trout stream I still yearn to spend time in other habitats. I, too, like flat lands and love the big lakes of the North, the cry of loons and the northern lights of the boreal forests. We also both love the southern forests with their lazy rivers, scrub oaks, tall pines, magnolias and palmettos.
The western plains are also a place that we are amazed at and comfortable in. The other place we both love but I think she loves more outwardly is the ocean. Ah, the ocean.


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