RV Evolution

by William Crisp


I love to camp and have always loved to camp; that hasn’t changed but how I prefer to camp has evolved or devolved tremendously depending on how you look at it. “Back in the day” I was a roughing it kind of guy. A poncho tied up with bungee cord was the most artificial shelter I’d settle for.
Often pine boughs and moss made my bed and roof and I was fine finding a soft spot with just a poncho liner for a blanket on a clear night. Often I would travel around for three to four days with a knife, some rope, and a poncho. I’d only pack some cheese and pepperoni and would forage for the rest. I even worked patrolling some remote areas for several days at a time without leaving the woods.
I bought my first tent for a camping trip to Denali, Alaska on our honeymoon. We needed that tent there but it rarely got used when we got back.


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