School Board Discusses Sunday Practice, Activity Ban



by Amanda Jones

Members of the Cameron County School District (CCSD) Board of Directors again discussed a move made at a recent meeting to ban scheduling of activities on Sundays.

Following a request made by the local Ministerium association for information on Sunday practice and activity polices, the board voted to no longer allow activities and practices to take place on Sundays in order to give students a day off. Five members voted in favor of the move, three members, Shelia Guisto, Sylvia Homan and David McManigle, voted against, and one member, President Christine Umble, abstained.

During this week’s meeting, several issues were brought up, including what would happen on extended field trips meant to occur over the weekend. A number of board members believe the policy indicates that absolutely nothing can occur on a Sunday, including school-sponsored trips. In two months, the high school band will head to Disney World for the better part of a week, and the trip will include a Sunday.


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