Scopes, Calibers, La De Da Da


by William Crisp


I spent the week discussing calibers and scope choice and while it was playful banter, looking back I could have spent my time discussing something more meaningful but it is fun to play.

A buddy of mine doesn’t agree with my scope choices and thinks he can do better for less. Truth be told he probably can, there are many excellent choices out there.

Last week I mentioned an ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) as a choice for a varmint gun. ACOGs are built by a quality American company, Trijicon. The ACOG is distinctive in appearance and unique in function. Some people find them ugly; I find them lovely. They come with a multitude of attachment modes and are calibrated for specific calibers.  They are the standard optic used by the Marine Corps; until they move onto something else. ACOGs come with a built-in range finder and bullet drop compensator which means that out to 800m you can put a bullet into an E type silhouette target by simply picking the appropriate cross hair and using standard marksmanship personal technique.



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