Shippen Twp. Orders New Plow Trucks



by Amanda Jones

Shippen Township Supervisors discussed the purchase of new vehicles at the regular monthly meeting held on Tuesday night.

Two new plow trucks were approved for purchase. The trucks will replace the current units that are beyond their life expectancy and are regularly breaking down. More often than not they can be repaired onsite thanks to Ferguson Truck Center, but nevertheless they are costing the township thousands of dollars each time they break down. Over the past two years, the two trucks have required upwards of $25,000 in repair bills. The last time one of them went down, it cost the township $7,000 and the truck was out-of-commission for several weeks. The two older units are both 2008 models and have 120,000 and 80,000 miles on them.

According to Roadmaster Garrett Ramsey, most townships switch out their plow/work trucks every five years, but the township does not have the budget for such frequent purchases.



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