by William Crisp


When we venture forth into the woods a lot of detail is placed on certain gear. However, one pair of gear that we need to place premium attention to is footwear.  A good pair of boots is worth its weight in gold. The impacts of cheaper or mis-fitting shoes may not be realized immediately but if you do a lot of walking, they will be noticed acutely in the future.

Once your feet go, there is no use having a premium hunting rifle or fishing rod or much of anything for that matter. There is a school that asks, “What is the most important skill of a sniper?” Many think about accuracy first. However, the correct answer is land navigation. If you cannot navigate to the correct location in the correct time, it doesn’t matter how accurate a shot the sniper is. We navigate using a compass and feet. The crux of hunting and fishing also requires walking. Once your feet go, the life of an outdoorsman becomes very…indoors-ey.


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