Singing Dutchmen Mark 54th Anniversary


The year 2018 marks the 54th anniversary of The Singing Dutchmen Men’s Chorus. The group was formed by Gloria V. Anderson and a core group of men from the Shiloh Presbyterian Church Choir. The “Dutchmen” average 12 performances per year singing for church benefits, nursing homes, civic and social functions. Members come from Emporium, Johnsonburg, Kersey, Ridgway, Bradford, Penfield, and St. Marys.
In order to continue our legacy, The Singing Dutchmen of St. Marys are interested in acquiring additional male singers for the group. There is no requirement for music reading. There is no requirement for age. All that is asked are men who are enthusiastic about singing. If you sing in the shower or accompany a CD or radio, come and give us a try. There is no obligation on your part. The music we perform spans the spectrum of music from Broadway plays to the ‘50s ‘60s and rock and roll, gospel, country, and folk songs. Their first rehearsal/picnic will be on Sunday, Sept. 9th.

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