Six To Be Inducted Into Sports Hall of Fame



Hometown Mentors has released the names of this year’s entrants into the Hometown Hall of Fame Cameron County Sports Edition, with an induction ceremony to be held on Saturday in the Cameron County High School Auditorium.

Twenty individuals have been named to the Sports Hall of Fame since its inaugural year. This year’s six entrants were chosen from the list of nominees. They are Brandan Housler, James Baker, Paul Schager, Richard LaBrozzi and James Slusarick.

They will be joining the 20 previously inducted individuals: Michael Tonkin, Brittany McLean, James Kinsler, Bill Leonard, Luke Fragale, Bruce Morgan, Mike Simon, Jeff Lloyd, James Zoschg, Dick Peterson, Matt Grimone, Rich Bisso, Donald Horning, Seth Fragale, Doug McGraw, Jim Thompson, Beth Summerson Lane, Larry Boring, Dennis Hockenberry and Fred Williams.



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