So… It Begins


by William Crisp


October 1st is here, the opening day of hunting season. I wait all year for a season that will go by too quickly. Sure, there are some hunting seasons that open in September but for most of us, this is the “real” beginning. Archery season is the coronation of the hunting year. I will spend the next three months bunking with strangers, eating food out of wrappers from my lap, while driving, walking or balancing in a tree. Ironically enough, I will enjoy eating the most delicious foods of the year, while drinking only coffee. The only time I’ll use a plate until Christmas is Thanksgiving.

I will get rained on, snowed on, sleeted on and hailed on, yet I will be the most comfortable I will be all year. I will spend hours in an excited state of boredom, while I impatiently wait from sunup to sundown. I will walk more over the next three months than I do during the rest of the year, but somehow I will get more out of shape.




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