Something New Is Brewing


by Amanda Jones
Echo News Editor
A new business has started in Emporium to provide high-quality, fair trade coffee roasted and blended right here in Cameron County.
Bearded Brewing, LLC came to fruition approximately two months ago, and now offers blends made up of four different types of roasted coffee beans.
The company is owned and operated by Josh and Lindsey Zucal, proprietors of the Aroma Café, and Ryan and Brandi Magaro, who produce honey and related products through Rich Valley Apiaries.
“This went from a conversation to a business within a few short weeks,” said Ryan Magaro. “We roast green coffee beans from around the world.”
Bearded Brewing, LLC roasts a Colombian Nariño variety, a Sumatran variety called Mandheling, Kivu from Rwanda, and Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia.
A blend of Colombian and Sumatran is now served at the Aroma, and known as the Aroma Blend.


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