St. Marys Author Documents Murders


by Bruce Whitman
St. Marys resident Jim Baumgratz has published an interesting and locally relevant book detailing murder and mysterious events in Elk County.
“Elk County Murders” covers the years 1873 to 1936 and includes chapter topics ranging from bootleggers to revenge killings.
The historic true crime book details 25 murders and deaths in Elk County with 200 pages and 45 pictures.
“Many of these crimes and events were unsolved due to limitations of forensic investigations in those days,” said Baumgratz. “All the stories are true and offer a fascinating look into Elk County’s often violent past.”
The book spells out in researched detail violent events that took place in Ridgway, Johnsonburg, James City, Kersey, Weedville, Byrnedale, Glen Hazel, St. Marys and other Elk County locations

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