St. Marys Sportsmen’s Lucky Dog Coyote Hunt



The St. Marys Sportsmen’s 15 Annual (Lucky Dog) Coyote Hunt is scheduled for February 16th, 17th, and 18th. This event has been scheduled to coincide with other local Coyote Hunts, Mosquito Creek, Rolf Beagle Club, and the Sigel Sportsmen for example so hunters have a chance to register for all area hunts that weekend.

Applications for the St. Marys Sportsmen’s hunt are available at Ammo & Arms in St. Marys, and at the St. Marys Club on Monday nights prior to the hunt, or by registering on line on the Club’s Website. All mail in applications must be received before Thursday, February 8th to be processed. All members of a group hunting together must be registered for the hunt, otherwise the group will be disqualified.

Each participant in the hunt must be a member of the St. Marys Club as well as registered for the hunt. Membership dues are $10.00 and registration for the hunt is $10.00 (includes $1.00 administration fee).


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