Sylvania KG2XDU’

Echo Editor:

Your recent topic from yesteryear reminds me of  the hazards in watching those  TV signals  rebroadcast from Moore Hill to a town  full of ready, willing and able TV viewers in Emporium.



(Full story in the Cameron County Echo on the news stand)


  1. Bill Narby says:

    I (sort of) grew up in Emporium, from about age 2 in 1941 to age 13 in 1952, when we moved to Bath, NY, 100 miles away.

    We received KG2XDU from the time it was started to 1952. I search Google for the call sign occasionally, just to see what’s happening. The results get more extensive every year.

    I see the name Fragale posted on this article. I am sure one of us kids went to school with someone named Fragale.

    Bill Narby

  2. p.fragale says:

    Bill , My Name is Pete fragale, Class of 1977. My father was Mike Fragale, not sure what year he graduate from school, but his brothers were Jim, John and Frank. Their father , my grandfather was also Mike Fragale, who worked at Sylvania . He also retired from there.

  3. Bill Narby says:

    I know we all were familiar with the name Fragale, but I can’t remember the first names.

    Jim and Frank sound familiar.

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