Tabernacle of Agendas


by William Crisp


I don’t want to alarm you but feel the need to warn you that there is a great environmental change coming. We are about to endure massive global environmental fluxes. These changes will be palatable in the deciduous forests around here as bare branches will begin to sprout leaves and create shade. Also, the general hue of terra firma will go from a bland brown to a vibrant green. This could be one of the great threats to humanity of our time. I don’t know who to blame for this yet but I’m sure it will be someone I don’t like who has money.

These bare branches on trees will begin to spout leaves and flowers which will result in pleasant shade and visual experiences. We lose the ability to see up mountains and the noise of rustling leaves will be nearly deafening on windy days. It will be harder to see turkeys sneaking into our calls as well; that will be terrible.


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