Team Cameron County Will Promote Region



by Amanda Jones

A new group has formed in Cameron County to promote local events and draw together resources for betterment of the community.

Team Cameron County, which is composed of like-minded individuals who are participants in a number of other local organizations, is looking to create a network of community members to breathe new life into Cameron County.

The informal group is comprised of more than a dozen members, including borough and county officials, business owners, retirees, Rotarians, and members of other boards and organizations across the region. While most members live in Cameron County currently, some are natives who live elsewhere, some are newcomers to the region, and others have lived here their entire lives, giving the group many different perspectives and skills.

The group began as a conversation among a few of the current members approximately seven months ago. Since then, things have moved quickly, and the group has expanded to comprise additional individuals and organizations.

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