Tears, Fears and Careers


by William Crisp


It’s November, thank goodness, my favorite time of the year. 

However, this month has come in on a tough bit of news. One of my colleagues was assaulted while working and was injured, then had to shoot his assailant. The good news is the good guy came home; bullet dodged. 

Then, within a week, another colleague and good friend, Brook Tolbert passed away from cancer. He was a WCO, then a law enforcement supervisor who had Erie County. Brook and I enjoyed working together and he came here to Cameron County to help patrol several times and I have gone out there many times to work the steelhead runs and the lake. Some of those adventures I’ve shared in part in this column. 

Brook was an organizer of many competitive shoots. He enjoyed patrolling the Big Woods and put an effort in to understand the rigors and benefits of this area. That’s the kind of guy he was, always seeking truth and knowledge and willing to work outside his comfort zone while enlarging the comfort zones of those around him. In his own area, he took on many tough challenges all the while winning the respect of those who he dealt with. Brook was an avid sportsman and shooter.



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