The Haunted Hunt


by William Crisp


The following is a Halloween article from several years ago. I am re-submitting in order to honor several requests for it: Happy Halloween.

It was a Friday during late October circa 1985, I wanted to hunt but I had to finish work first. My boss at my first job needed some tasks done before the weekend and I had promised a homeowner on my side job that he’d be able to have his party on his new deck by Saturday. So, I admit I was a little more tired than normal by the time my truck was loaded and I was headed through the inky dark towards “my” mountain.

My truck at the time was my pride and joy. It was a souped up and jacked up Dodge Power wagon. All time four wheel drive, heavy duty everything, a four barrel 650 double pumper on a high rise carburetor, dual headers on class pack pipes coming off a 360 block…no radio, wouldn’t have been able to hear it anyway. I was all about stripped down power and very little frills. I was lucky to have seats and heat. In order to add a little homey touch to my tone of steel on muscle, I touched up the interior with furs I had trapped. Raccoon and fox on the seats and there were some feathers around for a light touch.


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