Thirteen Trips


by William Crisp


With the start of this new year it is time to plan out the year and put in for vacation day trips to take during 2018. So far, I’ve got it narrowed down to 13 trips that I have to take; although I can say without a doubt that I won’t be able to make them all. Nonetheless, they go on my list for the year and accrue points and prioritizations as to what I’ll do this year. The ones that get bumped will move higher up the list of priority trips for next year. I do this mostly because my employer forces us to send in leave requests in January so they can squash morale six months early. So, here’s my skeleton list for a basic year, in chronological order:

  1. Tributary to Erie walleye spawn. I’ve been invited to this one by Muddy for years. It is high on my priority list. Stream running ‘eyes over thirty inches…I’ve been dreaming about it. This is the last year I won’t go. (It occurs in late March or early April depending on temperatures.)

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