Traffic Pattern Changes In School Parking Lot

by Amanda Jones

Echo News Editor

Cameron County School District officials are advising parents of traffic pattern changes following resurfacing of both parking lots over the summer. When it comes to parking lot damage, wear and tear over the years is an inevitable fact and so, for the business or organization by which it is used to maintain a professional image, they ought to consider repairing the concrete, which otherwise runs the risk of appearing uncared for and scruffy – click here to learn about Parking Lot Repairs and the ways to go about enlisting such a service that can help in this department.

Maintenance Director William Smith stated that traffic patterns have been changed in the Woodland Elementary parking lot in order to alleviate some of the congestion at drop-off and pick-up times. New signage and road markings have been installed to direct drivers through the changes, which include the relocation of a number of parking spaces. To do a job like this, professionals had to be hired as they needed to make sure it was done correctly and the proper signage was used in the right areas. Hiring companies like Pin Point Line can ensure that things are done correctly and the best way for that school and others to get what they need.

Board member Rob Aversa suggested painting curbs yellow because the roadway has been lifted and now the curbs are closer to the ground and not as easy to see. Smith stated that would not be an issue.

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