Transmission From Camp


by William Crisp


I’m transmitting from deep in the forest, disguised as a moonshine runner. I’ve changed my name and have shacked up with other like-minded pretend miscreants. Muddy is hanging from a tree, waiting for turkeys to land on a nearby limb where he can talk them into letting him shoot one. When Muddy comes down, he’ll talk to us about bees. My brother is here and he raised bees, too. What is it with beekeepers and their need to discuss bees? They find it fascinating, so I do, too. I just don’t see how one gets so attached to a colony of insects.

Johnny is busy looking for his lures, license, rods, keys, and after that I’m sure his truck will be missing. By the time he finds everything, it will be time to go. On the bright side, he may have to go before he finds something.


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