‘Trivia Catch-Up’


Getting caught up on Kent’s Trivia questions.

When I worked at Sylvania I remember the smell of bananas.  Also, the story about the Hokey Pokey man gave me the best laugh in quite a while. And finally, I agree with the school board on no activities on Sundays

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  1. Doe Strycula Augustine says:

    Kent, Continuing your ice skating story from 2/28. Back in the day, we used to ice skate in West Creek in the area of Gresimers, Stampees & Muellers. I believe Snook Towner lives in one of those homes now. We were playing crack the whip & I was the end of the line. Jan (Sub) Ostrum (he was a big guy) was in front of me. We got going pretty good & next thing I knew Jan’s skate landed in my right leg above my knee cap. I was fireman carried to Gresimer’s house & Mrs. Gresimer took me to Dr. Hackett. – 7 stitches. Then there’s my brother John. He was in 9th grade & was ice skating below the Broad St. bridge. A bonfire on the bank, playing crack the whip & he was the end of the line. Jeanne Armstrong was in front of him & her ice skate hit him above the eyebrow. He made his bloody way home to Wood St. & brother Gord was there & took him to Dr. Blackburn’s office (located on W. 4th st. at that time). John was one of Dr. Blackburn’s first patients & he left sporting 14 stitches.
    P.S. A blast from the past- do you remember a program at CCHS with you & Henry Dixon playing “Trumpeter’s Holiday?” Brother John has that memory but doesn’t remember when or what the program was. And to finish, there was a program at CCHS called “The No Talent Show.” Who from the class of ’59 sang “Young Love?” & from the class of ’60, what duo sang “I Was a Big Man Yesterday?” Thanks for your time & that’s all folks, Doe Strycula Augustine

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