‘An Update from Rock & Sherri Pifer’


Over the last year we have encountered many folks from Cameron County and we have been asked how we are doing and what’s up? So we thought it might be a good idea to drop a note to all our friends back home with an update.

In the summer of 1990, Sherri and I both began our faith journey together at a church gathering called “Family Camp.” It was there, on a very hot July night, that we encountered Jesus; He changed our lives forever!

We began serving the local Free Methodist Church in Emporium right away and by the end of 1991 I was teaching Sunday school. In 1992 I was enrolled as a Conference Ministerial Candidate and began serving the Austin Free Methodist Church as an assistant to the pastor and in 1995, I was assigned as the senior pastor to both Austin and Emporium; then one year later in 1996, we reopened the Gardeau Community Church. I would later be ordained by the Free Methodist Church, and Sherri would gain her ordination in 2013. Who knew!!!



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