Wandering Aimlessly


Milk Can Bear Trail Wrap Up

by Phil Burkhouse


I received an interesting phone call from former Sylvania employee and fellow West Creek resident Mel Doverspike, who has attained the age of 90 and now resides in Florida.  Mel had some very interesting information about the derivation of the name of the road Milk Can Bear Trail.   This dirt road leaves Mason Hill Road and terminates at the Tunnel Hill Lookout.  Mel knew this information from a firsthand experience that he and his friend, the late Jimmy Whiting, experienced when they discovered a bear that had its head entrapped in a 10 gallon milk can.

Mel said that he and Jim were out for a turkey hunt on a warm day in November when Mel backed into the road now named The Milk Can Bear Trail to turn around.  He and Jimmy saw a bear, weighing approximately 150 pounds, laying in the ditch and thought it was dead.  The bear, however, proved not to be dead and started moving around.



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