Wandering Aimlessly


Berries and Fish

by Phil Burkhouse


We scheduled our annual trek to the Bozberry Blueberry Patch near Turtlepoint last Thursday morning.  My little mother, our elder daughter, Julie, Mary, and I motored over and found the blueberry bushes in beautiful condition despite our dry weather.  We usually wander over earlier in the picking season, but this year we opted to wait until peak ripe berries were available.  This proved to be a good decision.

We began picking at 9 a.m., when the farm opens, and the berries were extremely plentiful, large, plump, juicy, and ripe.  We picked for two hours, and Mary and I had 44 pounds of berries.  Little Mother had 16 pounds and Julie won the picking contest with 30 pounds.  Mary and I actually picked more than 44 pounds because I think I consumed several pounds; fresh blueberries for breakfast!



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