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First Fork Valley – Early 1900s


In this year’s July 6th issue I had a picture of a structure protruding from the water and the question of the week asked you to identify the structure.  The answer in the following week’s paper identified it as the bridge abutment that is now visible since the Stevenson Dam in the First Fork has been lowered for dredging.  This bridge spanned the First Fork on the original road that ran up the valley.

In the early ‘60s Pennsylvania Route 872 was finished, but remnants of the old road are still visible in many locations with many portions of this old road still in use today.  As you start up the Fork on the hillside on your left you can make out the hand laid field stones that once supported this road.  The old road stays on the left side of Route 872, and the Lick Island Circle still uses the old road.


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