Wandering Aimlessly


by Phil Burkhouse

The Cross on the Hill


September is nearly half spent and the time for change has arrived in the Big Woods.  The chirping evening crickets escalating and the screeching blue jays signal change is at hand.  Birds are beginning to flock together preparing for their southward journey, and the elk are feeling their oats.  Leaves are not the vibrant green they were a month ago, and some leaves are showing hints of color; fall is in the air.

Mary and I along with various crew members have been wandering the back woods roads the past two weeks observing the elk. There is a dandy 8×7 with his harem that we see on a regular basis near the mouth of Hicks Run.  Last week we rode down that way twice, and he and his harem of nine cows and calves could usually be found placidly feeding in the camp yards just before 555.  The big bull was licking his chops, herding cows, and showing rut activity, which should peak during the next week.




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