Wandering Aimlessly


The County’s Best Kept Secret

by Phil Burkhouse


Since Mary lived her early childhood years in the Fork, we spend a lot of leisure time at the Zoschg Homestead near Lick Island.  We really enjoy spending weekdays in the Fork since tourism seems to peak on weekends, but any time is a good time to relax around the fire and watch the field for deer and elk.  Over a lifetime of wandering, we have discovered many beautiful honey holes, and I thought I knew all of the secret hotspots, but recently we discovered a new place definitely worth a trip to the Fork.

This new location is not one of my closely guarded hunting or fishing spots; rather it is a business with the best ice cream in the county.  Dottie and Mike Leskasek own the Lakeview Store located directly across from the steep access road that leads to the Stevenson Dam boat launch area.  They have owned the business for three years, and their secret to success in drawing people to this small rural area is definitely the ice cream.  They serve Perry’s ice cream in hand-dipped cones or bowls from three gallon containers that are delivered factory fresh on a weekly basis from Olean.



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