Wandering Aimlessly


Northern Mockingbird

by Phil Burkhouse


Several weeks ago a local resident asked if I would take some of her guests from Florida on a wandering aimlessly adventure.  They were from Tampa, and we enjoyed an elk excursion and an afternoon firing a variety of 22 firearms.  The 12-year-old thoroughly enjoyed these adventures; they were new and exciting for him.  Sometime during our outings the father asked me, “What exactly is there to do in this area?”

I gave him my standard answer that this is a quiet, peaceful, and remote area, and if you don’t enjoy the outdoors and sports this is probably not an ideal area to settle in.  

I am perfectly adapted to rural areas and don’t function well in urban environments.  If I hit the intersection of the Old West Creek Road and Route 120 and there is an oncoming car, I am not happy



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