Wandering Aimlessly


Umbrella Rock: Revisited

by Phil Burkhouse


Mary and I have indeed been blessed with the wandering aimlessly bug.  Some people are happy living their lives in close proximity to their birth place while others experience itchy feet and the urge to travel.  Many years ago I hunted with an elderly gentlemen in the nine mile area near Shinglehouse in Potter County.  I will never forget a statement he made while we were eating some turkey track sandwiches over a fire in the woods.

We had been shooting the breeze and I remarked how beautiful the area was we were hunting.  The old timer said, “I was out of Potter County during the war, but I have no desire to ever leave this area again.”  God bless him, although I’m certain he is long gone and his soul now dwells in heaven, which, if the signs are correct, could be in Potter County.


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