Wandering Aimlessly


A Good Morning

by Phil Burkhouse


There is a feeling of awe I will never lose about being in the woods as dawn makes its appearance.  Each new day officially begins at midnight, but for me the new day begins as light seeps into the woods.  Trees become barely visible, and you can once again negotiate the forest floor without the aid of a light; day has begun.  In a short time the first birds will greet the morning with their notes, and perhaps a large black bird with beady eyes and wearing a beard will also burst into song.

Saturday morning, April 22, marked the day for the Youth Spring Turkey Hunt and Gary Clark, Big Jake, and I had departed the Silverado and were working our way out the ridge.  The Bear was still in his den since he had opted for a dodge ball competition and Isaac, Jessie, and Ralph were climbing a ridge about four miles from our location.


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