Wandering Aimlessly


Papalio Continued

by Phil Burkhouse


This week I will conclude the story about the elusive Prohibition bootlegger Joseph Papalio, the murder of Charles Ludwig, and the prosecution of corrupt sheriff Bucky Norris and Joseph Papalio.

As stated last week Papalio took leave from the Cameron County Jail, with the help of Sheriff Norris, and headed to the Four Mile Area where he constructed a stone hut and continued his moonshine business.   Sheriff Norris was later arrested, tried, and convicted for negligence in Papalio’s escape, and this trial contained damaging evidence about a supplied jail key and bribe money.

Charles Ludwig was a respected middle aged farmer in the Four Mile area and lived approximately two miles from Moonshine Hollow.  Charles was a temperance man and resented moonshine making.  He made it his business as an ardent prohibitionist to see that moonshiners who operated in his vicinity were arrested.      


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  1. Rose Petrini says:

    How do I go about getting a copy of this article: Wandering Aimlessly – about Joseph Papalio?

    Also, old copies of the Cameron County Echo?

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