Wandering Aimlessly

A First Tom For Kamden
by Phil Burkhouse
It was the night before the 2017 Youth Spring Gobbler hunt and Seth Fragale’s seven-year-old son Kamden was preparing for his first-ever turkey hunt.  The crew would be hunting in Cameron County, had done some scouting, and knew there were gobblers in the vicinity.  Accompanying Kamden were his father and his cousin, Mike Fragale, turkey exterminator from the East End of Emporium.
Kamden would be using a Savage over/under 20 gauge 3 inch magnum gun fitted with a scope to ensure he would be on target if an opportunity presented itself.  While practicing the evening before the hunt, Kamden fired a shot and everything went perfectly, but he must have relaxed because the second shot gave him a case of “scope eye.”  Fortunately, Kamden learned from this episode and escaped with minor abrasions and a black eye.  The gun and the boy were sighted in and ready to hunt the next morning.

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