Wandering Aimlessly

with Phil Burkhouse

Mary and I are wanderers. We are not world class wanderers, although we have managed to visit Canada a few times and had one adventure to Switzerland that was breathtaking. Most of our wanderings have been in the United States, and we have been fortunate to have explored many of the western National Parks and sanctuaries. As we have become “more mature” our wanderings have become more localized, and our favorite PA camping spot is the Ives Run Recreational Area beside Hammond Lake near Tioga Run by the Army Corp of Engineers.
Fishing for panfish in Hammond Lake has been very good to us over the years; the scenery and hiking in the area is excellent, and you can also readily access the Finger Lakes of New York for a day trip. I always carry my Canon because the birding opportunities in the area are always great, but last year I noticed an unusual critter living in the campground.


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