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Hi-Power Nationals 2017

by Phil Burkhouse


Last week I wrote about the NRA Small Bore National Championship held at the Ridgway Rifle Club.  This week I will write about the following three-day shoot where competitors fired hi-power rifles at metallic silhouette targets at various differences.

The small bore competition attracted 216 shooters in the three day event and the Hi-power had a total of 133 shooters.  I would guess the number of shooters decrease in the Hi-power because as the distances become greater, the guns increase in size as do both recoil and overall costs.

As stated last week all small bore rifles are 22 caliber, but Hi-power calibers are the shooter’s choice and vary from 6mm to 308 calibers.  Rules and procedures are identical to the small bore competition, but the scale of the two ranges goes from 1:5.  This translates into the target’s distances for chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams increasing to 200m, 300m, 375m, and 500m.  Again all shots are fired offhand.




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