Wandering Aimlessly


Dy-no-mite Finale

by Phil Burkhouse


Last week’s question asked which Pony Express rider began his career at age 15 and became the most famous of all the riders.  The answer, correctly supplied by Bill Bogart, is William “Buffalo Bill” Cody.

Over the course of the past three issues I have written about the explosives/dynamite industry that was a lucrative albeit very dangerous industry that prospered in our county from 1890-1957.  The last issue mostly concerned the last remaining plant located near the east end of Emporium that exploded on January 7, 1957.

This week I will finalize with material I learned from two survivors who worked at this plant, Dick Logue and John Gibbs, and also share information from a variety of local residents who recall incidences the morning of the explosion.



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