Wandering Aimlessly

It Takes A Tribe
by Phil Burkhouse

When Mary and I headed west in early September, Big Jake only had one question. Will you be back in time to scout for archery season? I assured the boys we would be back for a week of scouting before the September 30th opener. We arrived back in Cameron County on September 19th and spent the next ten days checking out hotspots.
We practiced using portable tree stands and also shooting out of them. All boys proved to be quite efficient with the crossbows and so did Cora who informed her Papa she would also be hunting deer this archery season. We spent most weeknights and weekends hiking ridges checking our best spots on pinch points for acorns and deer sign. Some of our best spots would not be worth hunting this year due to lack of food but other areas were loaded with mast and looked prime.
We scouted one narrow ridge that led from a dense bedding area in laurel and brush to some old farm fields with food plots and an orchard. While Mary, Wes, Jake, and I were hiking Jake reached down and picked up a shed that had four points on it. Mary said, “Jake, you sure are a lucky one.” Jake said, “This will be a nice buck this year.”

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