Wandering Aimlessly


A Big Woods Trophy

by Phil Burkhouse


I was recently talking with George “Mick” Kamats, the oldest child of George and Clara Zoschg Kamats.  George and Clara raised 11 children on their small farm located just above the intersection of Route 155 and the Gardeau Road along the Portage Creek.  Mick told me one of the old homestead hunters shot a nice buck last year and that I should contact him for the story and a picture of the buck.  This week I will write about Sam DeLuca and his Cameron County trophy, but first I want to relate some of the details told to me by Mick on life at his old homestead.

Mick said his parents purchased the farm in 1947 with the house and barn originally being built in 1920 by Bucky Norris.  Bucky was the infamous sheriff I wrote about in my series on the Papeleo escapade.  Bucky sold the farm to an Agliardo family who resided there and also rented the farm to a Jewart family.  George and Clara Kamats bought the farm from Agliardos in the fall of 1947.  Mick talked of his childhood on the farm; some of the memories he shared are very interesting, and I want to share them with others.


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