Wandering Aimlessly


No Turkey – Big Fish

by Phil Burkhouse


The last day of the 2018 Spring Gobbler season is this Thursday, May 31st, and we still have “no meat in the pot.”  Zeke is involved with Little League and Flag Football and has been out turkey hunting about six mornings.  We called in several hens on two hunts, but the gobblers were silent to non-existent.

The Bear, Wes, has also hunted a few times but not with any success.  One morning we called in a group of three hens, but we heard and saw no gobblers on our hunts.  Big Jake was the only grandson who had any gobbler action, and he has also been out on about a half dozen hunts.

The first week of season Big Jake and I managed to call in a young and dumb jake, but Jake wanted to hold out for a long beard and I was pleased with his decision.  No long beard showed up until the end of the second week of season, but he escaped unscathed.

On that morning Jake and I had not heard a turkey sound; it was about 9:30, and we were headed for the truck.  Jake was long stepping with his walking cast/boot on and was about 40 yards ahead of me.  We were on an old tram about 200 yards from the truck when he suddenly stopped and held up his hand for me to stop.  He often employs this tactic and then usually grins and says, “Just kiddin’, Papa.”  When he held his hand up I dismissed his antics and kept walking, but then he looked at me with panic in his eyes and gestured rapidly for me to stop.  I stopped and could hear a hen cutting about 50 yards below us and heading away from us.


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