Wandering Aimlessly

Square Timber Vistas
by Phil Burkhouse

I was talking with a fellow woods’ walker last week who informed me his good friend from an urban area stops in for an occasional visit and he remarked, “This place is lost in the 1950s.” My immediate thought on that comment was, “Perfect, a good place to be.”
I hate bickering politicians, mass humanity, traffic, and urban life. I am a country bumpkin raised to hunt, trap, and enjoy the outdoors. My needs are simple: family, good friends, good times, sports, and the outdoors. Mary and I have been fortunate to travel most of the United States in our travel trailer, and every area we see possesses its own unique beauty, but I am always very happy to return to the “Big Woods” of northcentral Pennsylvania. We have a unique and beautiful area, and this week I want to share one of my favorite spots that is accessible for all people—the Square Timber Vistas along the Ridge Road.
During July and August I hounded areas along the Ridge Road trying to get shots of bull elk in the velvet that were frequenting that area. I succeeded some mornings, getting great shots, but most mornings the Canon remained unfired. Those bulls have now departed their summer hangouts with their bachelor buddies for the valley bottoms that contain family groups of cows and calves.

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