Members of the Vets Club, Barry Sarick, Bob Hostler and Mick Fapore accept Emporium Rotary’s donation of $6,000 from Rotary President, Barry Brown (left), to help fund the Rides for Vets project. Rotary members sold raffle tickets for weeks at Olivett’s Market to help Rides for Vets meet their goal in order to purchase a  2016 Ford Flex, which will enable our local veterans a ride to and from doctor appointments. The vehicle purchased, from Ford Motor Company will be delivered in July or August. The Vets Club and the Rotary Club want to thank the people of Cameron County who pulled together, along with many other organizations,  to help the Vets Club raise enough funds to purchase the vehicle.Brenda Munz was the lucky winner of the $500 cash payout from the Rotary  raffle ticket sales, which was drawn at Christmas in the Wilds.

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