Bird’s Eye View


by Randy ‘Bird’ Horning


At the Emporium Country Club this past week the Ladies’ Thursday Scramble was won by Meg Whiting, Bev Jones and Ginnie Schager with a 39.  

The retirees scramble was won by Losey, Gabriel, Fapore and Cashdollar (32), followed by Drabert, McCulla and Summerson (33), third place went to Smith, Girton, Anthony and Horvath (33) and fourth place went to Roberts, McIsaac, Jones and Nobles (35).

On Sunday it was the Men’s Scramble. The format was two drives for each player. The winners were Harry Jones, Doug Homan, Ron Girton and Larry Nobles (58) and second place went to the team of John Coover, Jesse Francis, Ed Stuart and Carky Carlson (60).



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