Boro Working With Owners of Blighted Properties



by Amanda Jones

 Echo News Editor

Emporium Borough officials continue to deal with blighted properties and ordinance violations in town.

An action plan was received from Matthew Grimone, of Shippen Township, concerning four downtown properties that were previously addressed through the magistrate, with two of the residential structures possibly slated for demolition, according to Borough Manager Don Reed.

The borough has yet to respond to the action plan, which indicates the steps required to renovate the properties on South Broad and East Fifth Street Extension.

The two buildings located on Fourth Street, one at the western edge of the business district and another at the far eastern edge, are in serious states of disrepair. Both were formerly rented out as apartments. The one on East Fourth Street is currently wrapped in Tyvek, typically applied beneath siding as an extra insulation/waterproofing layer.



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