CCSD Accepts Teacher Contract


by Amanda Jones
Echo News Editor
The Cameron County School District (CCSD) Board of Directors voted to accept the results of a fact-finding report issued on the disputed teachers’ contract.
Results of the fact-finding were released as of last Monday, and board members initially rejected the findings. The Cameron County Education Association (CCEA) accepted the findings, giving the board 10 days to take a second look at the negotiated terms before completely rejecting them.
When one side rejects the recommendations from a fact-finding process, the document is published online by the Labor Relations Board on the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry website. Included in the publication are the terms both sides were pushing for, the evidence presented by each side to back up their positions, and the results of the arbiter’s investigations.
At an emergency board meeting held at 9 a.m. Friday morning, members of the CCSD board voted six-to-one to adopt the contract. Board members Paul Abriatis, David McManigle, Sylvia Homan and Marilyn Erickson were present; members Shannon Penfield and Robert Aversa and President Kristine Umble participated by phone. Aversa cast the lone dissenting vote.


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