Coming of Age


by William Crisp


Over the past two weeks I’ve been fortunate enough to be privy to the conversations of very young men, each of whom I’ve known for years. I wasn’t eavesdropping as I was part of the conversations but each time I found myself just nodding while sitting back and just listening to them talk amongst themselves.

It is easy to believe that most kids these days are out of touch with hunting and fishing and spend all of their time on their phones and playing video games. While kids do have phones and video games available to them that isn’t what the ones I’ve been hanging around have been talking about.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that they are talking about the woods, working out and hunting and fishing. There was no reason for me to intercede in conversations about where the bass are and what they are hitting. What big bucks are running on their hunting grounds and where they’ll be in the Fall. No reason to interject into conversations about calibers. 



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