Fishing Vests


by William Crisp


Fishing vests have a very unique purpose in the outdoor garment world. They don’t keep you warm or dry, nor do they shield you from the wind. They don’t find fish or even look fashionable; in fact, they are very unfashionable. I’ll prove it. You can see sportsmen and hipsters wearing all sorts of outdoor gear in inappropriate places but you won’t see anyone wearing a fishing vest while they are not fishing. 

Even though, ostensibly, they are designed to hold fishing gear such as lures, they are so unfashionable that if an angler wants to display his hooks and lures inappropriately he hangs them on his hat rather than simply throw them on his vest.

The other day I found out that I had something in common with the common trout angler and it was our vest habits…fascinating, I know. An angler walked by me and as he did, a packet containing a lure of some kind fell out of his vest. (He was in an appropriate place for a vest; along the stream.)




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