Mountain Lines


by Nelson Haas



Viburnum lantanoides

I dropped down into a steep ravine where Rhododendron grows along the stream. There I found a striking, white -flowering shrub growing in contrast to the dark foliage surrounding it.

I surmised it was one of the Viburnum but I’ve never noticed this April-flowering verity before.

Later research revealed it to be  Virburnum  latanoides, the Hobblebush.

Latanoides grows 5-8 feet high and carries its leaves and flowers on long, horizontal, spindly branches that eventually bow to the ground. Where the branch touches the ground it sends roots into the soil while still attached to its parent plant.

The rooted branches will catch and hold (or hobble) anyone walking by. This could be the namesake of our own TANGLEFOOT  RUN below Dry Run near Huntley.



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