Redress of Grievances

by William Crisp

In a recent article I explained damage that occurred to the forest from All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). The damage will and does cost taxpayers money.
I’ve been wondering why the taxpayers should pay any more money to fix the places that people destroy when recreating. Meanwhile, ATV organizations wanting more access (to other people’s properties) point out that they pay registration fees and so therefore deserve to have their money spent to provide more trails.
Apparently, they think that $20 every two years per vehicle is enough to pay for a massive trail system and access in every county and forest in Pennsylvania.


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  1. Joe Parr says:

    Com’n Bill, You lump all ATVers into one basket. Some PA anglers litter and others take over their limit of gamefish as well. So apparently as it relates to your way of thinking all anglers must think their fishing license fees entitle them to violate the fish and boat code too. I guess had you been a young man in the early part of this century you would hissed at every horseless carriage that went roaring past you at 15mph… Power sports, in all their various forms, are here to stay. But Officer Crisp, if you hold ATVer’s in such great distain, get off your duff and start laying for these defilers of mother earth. I did it and did so gleefully.

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